Destiny 3 : new leaks


New information on 4Chan, and relayed on Reddit about Destiny 3.
All this information is for the moment only rumors

The Darkness is a race of inter-dimensional beings known as 'The Veil'

The games story line is about the second collapse. The Veil want to use the light to resurrect the 'Formless One'

Introducing a Brand new Darkness element. Brand new game play which focuses on faction orientated game play between Dark and Light Guardians

Cabal and Fallen are no longer enemy races. They are replaced by 'The Veil'. A brand new, massive enemy race

The Veil have more combat units than every race combined. The Cabal and Fallen are now allied with the City

Vex, Hive and Taken return. Veil and Aphelion are 2 new enemy races coming in D3

Xivu Arath has a huge role to play

The Nine are also big players. We get to meet them after the Veil take the system

Calus has a massive role to play and leads a new shadow faction

Factions grant you specialised abilities and powers. Certain factions such as 'Veils hand' lets you use Darkness powers

The game opens up with a massive war campaign. The Travel gets critically injured and overwhelmed at the beginning of the game

Europa, Old Chicago, Venus and the Hollowed Spire are the games base worlds. In the story, the Darkness completely decimates the City and all of Earth

Guardians get pushed into the Solar System, have to kill the Entombed. The 7 leaders of the Veil

Hollowed Spire is the new big end game zone, akin to the Dreaming City. It's where a lot of PVP faction gameplay is going down. It's a monolithci alien city where the Deep/Formless One originated from

Each planet is larger than those of Destiny 2. There's a plethora of things to do such as Dungeons and Holds

Claiming Holds is the basis behind Faction War gameplay and planets change depending on which faction is dominating them

Veil enemies can drastically effect your abilities and the surrounding enviroment. They're pushing for greater variety in PVE gameplay

Veil enemies can suppress light based abilities and also can bend and nullify gravity in areas that surround them

The Aphelion are the most dangerous race in the game and are glass cannons. They have the ability to suppress all of your abilities and nullify resurrection

The game is shipping with 2 massive Raids. I know that the first one takes you into the heart of the Hollowed Spire where you'll face down the formless one the heart of the Deep itself. It's a massive 12 man raid and the grand finale of the second collapse story line

The second Raid is focused on the Hive

Guardiians can represent a number of factions that include FWC, New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, Veils Hand, Emperors Shadow and the House of Judgement

Trials of the Nine is coming back, hosted by the Nine themselves this time around. They are also the heads of their own faction which is based around ranking up in Trials specifically

D3 is being developed to be a return to form for hardcore players and veterans of the series